How to Start a Food Truck 15A: Buy or Lease a Food Truck

我们在系列中的中途左右,是时候我们接受我们曾覆盖的最激动人心的主题之一:how to buy a food truck。Like last week’s lesson, this is a pretty big topic, so we’re splitting it into two parts. Today, we’ll discuss where to find food trucks for sale and how to choose the best vehicle for your business, and next week, we’ll tackle some of the specifics of what exactly should go inside your truck.

Learning how to start a food truck is not an easy task, but you’ve kept with it—and we’re really proud of you! Today, all of thatpreparation,research, 和planningis going to pay off.

How do you know if you’re really ready to take this major step toward your dream? Remember the advice that Juan Miron fromMIHO Gastrotruckoffered to new food truck owners inone of the very first posts on our site:

“The best advice I can give is just like any other business you venture into, ‘Do your homework and write a solid business plan!’ There are so many trucks that rolled out that didn’t do the proper R&D, financial projections, break-even and capital requirements. Without this essential piece you are setting yourself up to fail.”

As an experienced food truck owner and caterer turnedrestaurant owner, Juan knows what he’s talking about. No matter how badly you want to own a food truck, you shouldn’t purchase the actual vehicle until you’ve really researched the viability of your food truck dream, written a comprehensive商业计划, 和set up an emergency fundandsecure financing source

但如果你完成了研究?完成了“How to Start a Food Truck?”按顺序得到财务状况? Well then, you’re probably just about ready to dig in and buy your truck. Give yourself a big high five, grab your planning documents, and read on to learn about finding the best food truck for your business.

Three Preliminary Decisions You Need to Make

If you’ve spent any time looking for food trucks for sale in your area before, you’ve probably already noticed how many different styles and sizes there are to choose from. Whether they opt for a small food cart or a massive trailer that hitches to a huge truck, FoodTruckrs across the country have found some creative ways to serve up their tastiest creations. To narrow the field a bit and to determine which type of food truck you should be looking at, you’ll need tomake the following three key decisions。想想他们有点像你在出去买任何新车之前你设置的参数。而不是从每辆车上选择,你通过确定一些普遍因素来开始,如你是否喜欢可换股或小型货车,自动或手动传输,以及花费5,000美元或18,000美元。

1. What Size Should Your Truck Be?

One of the first things you’ll need to know before you can select a food truck is the best size for your business. Remember: many cities have restrictions on food truck and parking space sizes, so it’s important to make sure that any vehicle you’re thinking about buying will adhere to local codes. If you’re not sure which size is best, learn how tofind the laws for your city in Lesson 05of “How to Start a Food Truck。”

2. Do You Want an Outfitted Truck or a Custom Build?

Once you have a better idea of the size your truck should be on the outside, you need to determine what you’re looking for on the inside. There are all sorts of food trucks available for sale that are already outfitted with all the kitchen equipment and sanitation systems you need to run a successful mobile restaurant that adheres to local health code laws. We’ll explain some of the specific equipment and accessories you should be looking for in next week’s lesson. You can also buy basic trucks or vans that have never been used to sell street food and modify them to house all of the equipment you need.

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Naturally, the initial cost of a basic truck will be lower than that of an outfitted truck. However, you’ll quickly invest a lot more into the truck when it comes time to purchase and install all of the equipment and tools you’ll need. We can’t say for sure that one option is cheaper than the other, as the costs can vary dramatically based on factors like the condition of the truck, the equipment you need, and where you buy your vehicle from—so it’s important to compare prices carefully and to factor in additional considerations like the time you’ll invest in a custom build or the flexibility you could enjoy by choosing your own equipment.


Finally, you’ll also need to decide whether to buy a used food truck, buy a new food truck, or lease a food truck. There are definite benefits and risks associated with each option, so you should consider your funding source, your projected costs, and your anticipated profits carefully before you begin signing any papers. Again, it’s tough to say that one method is any more cost-effective than the other because the final price will depend greatly on your individual situation and the truck itself. However, you should keep in mind that if you have a lender or investor, their funding may be dependent on you choosing a particular type of truck, particularly if you outlined costs in your business plan based on a specific option. It’s always a good idea to seek guidance from your financial backers or a trusted business advisor who can help you choose the best option by taking your funding situation and the market you’re working in into consideration.

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Choosing a Used, New, or Leased Truck

Whether you’re more interested in a used truck, a new truck, or a leased truck, you can fortunately choose to get an outfitted or basic vehicle of any size through each option. Use our brief guide to determine which buying or leasing path may be best for you and your food truck business dream.

Buy a Used Truck

当您的目标是购买食品卡车时,二手车比短期内比新卡车便宜。从正在关闭商店或升级到更大,更好的卡车的企业主的食品卡车中选择 - 或者在便宜的廉价上找到二手卡车,看起来它可能会很好地调整第二个生命,作为一家装修的移动餐厅TLC。

The Perks:购买二手食品卡车有两个不同的好处:1。)它比购买一个全新的定制卡车便宜。)这项工作经常为您完成。Figuring out what kind of equipment your truck needs can be complex and confusing, especially if you want to have some flexibility in the types of food you’ll cook or which cities you’ll end up spending most of your time in. Buying a used food truck is straightforward because there are fewer choices to make and much of the work is already done for you. You simply have to figure out which used truck best fits your needs.

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The Risks:Just like buying a used car, buying a used food truck can be risky. It’s great to cut costs on the upfront purchase of your truck, but you do need to keep in mind that you’re at a higher risk of repair costs and maintenance work than someone who opted for a new truck. Always have a trusted mechanic check over any used food truck you’re thinking about buying before you put down any money—and if you’re able to, request a full vehicle history report to make sure you’re fully informed about the truck you’re buying. You don’t want to start missing scheduled truck stops right after you’ve opened for business because your vehicle keeps breaking down unexpectedly.

Where to Buy:你会发现使用食品卡车清单啊f popular auction and sale sites, includingeBay.andCraigslist,您当地的食品卡车协会甚至可以为食品卡车所有者提供销售车辆和设备的地方。您还可以查看类似的网站Road StovesandCommercial Truck Traderor your local car dealership for listings of used food trucks for sale. Finally, don’t forget to ask your favorite local food truck owners where they got their trucks! While most FoodTruckrs lead extremely busy lives, many of them would be happy to answer a simple question or two about where they bought their trucks to help out another aspiring food truck owner (especially if they have a couple minutes to chat with you while they’re preparing the tasty lunch combo you just ordered!).

Buy a New Truck


The Perks:新的食品卡车,你不必担心abo血型ut costly breakdowns and major repairs until you’ve driven many, many miles. There’s no need to be concerned about whether or not the last owner really took care of the truck, and you’ll probably receive an enticing warranty to protect you in the case of an emergency over the next few years. And of course, if you opt for the custom route, you can design your truck to be set up any way you want so that cooking is as convenient, efficient, and enjoyable as possible.

The Risks:New food trucks are costly, so you need to be sure you absolutely have enough funds available before making a pricy decision like this one. You’ll also probably be waiting longer to have a custom food truck built and shipped to you than you would if you chose a used truck or an already-built new food truck. Since you’ll have invested a lot more initially in your truck (particularly if it’s a custom build), it may also be awhile before you can afford to renovate your truck or add new equipment—so you should try to make sure that the layout and pieces you start out with will last you for at least the first few years.

Where to Buy:Sites like威望食品卡车and自定义优惠USA为有兴趣订购或建造自己的新卡车有兴趣的食品提供一系列定制选项。williamhill娱乐

Lease a Truck

Hoping to save your startup funding for other areas of your business? Not sure if the FoodTruckr lifestyle is right for you? Leasing a truck could be your best option. There’s less financial risk involved, and you’ll have some time to develop your skills and instincts before taking the full leap into food truck ownership. Instead of making large payments upfront, you’ll also be able to pay off your truck over time, which could allow you to get a higher-priced truck than you would otherwise be able to afford. You may even be able to make some of your future payments with money you made from lunch sales on the truck!

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The Perks:Leasing allows you to get your truck now and come up with the cash later. Since buying a food truck is one of the most expensive aspects of starting a food truck business, it makes sense for many aspiring entrepreneurs to delay the heavy investment portion of their journeys initially.

The Risks:如果您不拥有您的卡车,您需要从一开始就可以获得明确的计划,即将在租赁耗尽时进行。尝试设置具有租赁续订或采购选项的租赁协议,以便您可以保留卡车,您可以建立您的业务和名称识别。没有食物卡车老板想要获得三年的成功业务,只需要将他或她的卡车送回经销商!

Where to Lease:You may be able to lease a food truck through a local car dealership, but you can also check sites likeMobi Munchor威望食品卡车找到您附近的租赁选择。寻找一辆已经设计成适合您需求的卡车,因为您的租赁协议可能会阻止您对卡车内部进行重大变化。


Buying or leasing a food truck is a huge step on the path to achieving your food truck dream, and we couldn’t be more excited that you’ve reached this point in your journey! Whether you choose a used truck, a new truck, or a leased truck, the most important thing is to select a vehicle that supports the goals you set out in yourfood truck business plan还有一个你也觉得舒服。我们有一种感觉,许多食品卡车所有者只知道他们发现完美的卡车时,所以不要害怕等待那个“A-HA!”。如果你正在看所有选择,那么感觉有点不满意。

当然,还有很多你需要know before you can really look at food truck listings and know which vehicle is right for your business! Fortunately, we’ve got all those details coming for you soon on FoodTruckr. In next week’s lesson, we’ll cover some of the specific kitchen essentials and equipment you need to have in your food truck. Stay tuned next Wednesday for this special post.

与此同时,您有关于购买您的第一卡车的疑问吗?您是否不确定购买或租赁是您的食品卡车业务的更安全的选择吗?威廉希尔娱乐联系我们威廉希尔娱乐 , onFacebook, or onTwitterfor feedback on your food truck decision. We’re always happy to help our fans find the best trucks for their dreams, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

If you’re a FoodTruckr who already owns a truck and is living the mobile dream, we’d also love to hear about your food truck buying experience—where did you go? Did you choose to lease or buy a used or new truck? The aspiring food truck owners in our community would love to hear your stories!

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